Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Must have done something right... again.

Hi, there.
This looked good enough in an email, so I decided to post it here as well.

Some of you know I took a month off from writing that turned into 14 months.
Apologies if necessary, apparently I needed more time away than I'd anticipated.
At any rate, I sent my new title '3rd Word Products, Book 15' up to Fictionwise on June 1, 2011.
When it didn't appear for sale that week, I emailed and found the conversion dates weren't what I remembered.

Big sigh and wait until 14 June.
The book appeared on my Fictionwise sale page on that day and I called that job done.
On 18 June, one of my readers emailed congrats that my book was on the Fictionwise Bestseller page in 3 categories. It's still there, today (12 July) in 4 categories.

Having not pubbed anything for over a year, I was actually a bit surprised it got to that page so quickly.
Not too surprised it got there, though.
A minor brag:
All of my SF titles and all but 3 of my non-SF titles have appeared on that page.
My '3rd Word Products, Book 1' appeared on FW's All-Time Top 50 page.

So I must have done something right.
Another big sigh, though... I'm still waiting to get rich from ebooks. :)
Ed Howdershelt - Abintra Press
Science Fiction & Semi-Fiction


  1. If you consider that I for one spent all my free time scanning the Fictionwise website waiting for anything new by you, it doesn't surprise me one bit. I'll keep reading all your old stuff over and over till your next one comes out (hopefully won't be to long)
    Love your stuff, keep it coming!

  2. Hi Ed, Uk C130 driver back again. B&N just screwed the transfer of all my books, including yours from Fictionwise to the NOOK format. Just bought the bundle of the new website to re-read and catch up with the latest ones. As ever brilliant reads for the ones I managed to save. BTW got rid of the electric motorcyle, now riding a Honda 700cc Integra. Great ride, with gas over here at nearly $9.00 a gallon, it gets 80-ish on a run. Keep writing please, missed the books, can't wait,
    All the best