Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Must have done something right... again.

Hi, there.
This looked good enough in an email, so I decided to post it here as well.

Some of you know I took a month off from writing that turned into 14 months.
Apologies if necessary, apparently I needed more time away than I'd anticipated.
At any rate, I sent my new title '3rd Word Products, Book 15' up to Fictionwise on June 1, 2011.
When it didn't appear for sale that week, I emailed and found the conversion dates weren't what I remembered.

Big sigh and wait until 14 June.
The book appeared on my Fictionwise sale page on that day and I called that job done.
On 18 June, one of my readers emailed congrats that my book was on the Fictionwise Bestseller page in 3 categories. It's still there, today (12 July) in 4 categories.

Having not pubbed anything for over a year, I was actually a bit surprised it got to that page so quickly.
Not too surprised it got there, though.
A minor brag:
All of my SF titles and all but 3 of my non-SF titles have appeared on that page.
My '3rd Word Products, Book 1' appeared on FW's All-Time Top 50 page.

So I must have done something right.
Another big sigh, though... I'm still waiting to get rich from ebooks. :)
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