Saturday, October 29, 2016

Abintra Press Move now points to this blog because it seems to require no user maintenance.

My usual websites ( and ) require monthly logins, which might soon be very difficult due to my advanced COPD.

If those sites disappear because I'm hospitalized or worse and can't login, this blog can at least preserve my other links for a while.

Amazon handles my non-Paypal book sales: is my author page.

PS: the original purpose of this blog is located here:


  1. Mr your 3rd World books. I hope you are well.
    Miss Kitty

  2. Hi, Miss Kitty.
    Nope, it won't get better without 1. Divine intervention or 2. (and far more likely, if they'd just start working on people instead of experimenting on animals) a new set of cloned lungs.
    But thanks for the thought.

  3. Hang in there Ed. People are still interested in your work!

  4. Best wishes, Ed. I have really enjoyed your books.